LI in continuous solidarity with Hong Kong democracy activists amid prison sentence

Together with Hong Kong Democrat Party founder, Martin Lee, LI secretary-general, Emil Kirjas attended the trial of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong and Nathan Law earlier this month. Today the young liberals were sentenced to six months and eight months in prison respectively for their role in the Umbrella Movement in 2014 – the largest-ever pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The protests won the support of Liberal International, whose 193rd Executive Committee convened in the Special Administrative Region and offered direct support.

“Their place is in the parliament and with their constituency. If they should stand in front of something it should be the Nobel Committee to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, not in front of a Court”, blasted the LI secretary-general on hearing today’s sentencing.

LI President Juli Minoves addresses the media during Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement in 2014.

“LI is in continuous solidarity with the students and youth of Hong Kong and their leaders since the Umbrella Movement protests when LI was together with them on the streets of Hong Kong,” reminded LI secretary-general, recalling the unambiguous statements of support expressed by LI President Juli Minoves.

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