Become a member

If your party is interested in becoming a member of Liberal International there are some things that you will need to do before your application can be considered

If your party is interested in becoming a member of Liberal International there are some things that you will need to do before your application can be considered.

There are three stages through which applicant parties will need to pass before formally becoming ‘observer members’ of Liberal International (LI) – the process is long and designed to ensure a party’s commitment to, and respect for, the high standards LI expects of its membership


Stage 1 – completion and submission of documents

Stage 2 – review and vetting by the secretariat and governing bureau

Stage 3 – presentation to the LI membership during LI statutory events (initially before the Executive Committee and, if successful, before the Congress)


Stage 1:

In order for our governing bureau to make an informed decision about forwarding a candidate-party’s request to the wider membership you will need to share the following information with the London-based secretariat:


Once all of the above documentation has been submitted via email you will receive a confirmation from the secretariat within 2 working weeks explaining either that your forms are complete or advising you of any clarifications that might be required. At this stage you will receive a party questionnaire to be completed and returned to the secretariat.

Please note that English is the working language of the federation but applications can be submitted in one of Liberal International’s official languages (English, French, Spanish). All documents should be addressed ‘FAO: The Secretary General’


Stage 2:

Once your documents have been confirmed as complete, the secretariat will forward your application to the bureau, which is made up of liberal politicians from around the world, to discuss your party’s application. Following this review you will be informed whether your party has been successful and can move on to stage 3. Please note this may take up to two months from the completion of stage 1 and updates will not be available during this time.


Stage 3:

If the bureau approves your application your party leadership or senior representative will be invited to an LI executive committee meeting (ExCom – currently held every 6 months) to present your party. You will be expected to deliver a short presentation followed by a question and answer session in front of our existing membership. Your presentation will be followed by a vote on whether to approve and forward your party’s application to the congress for the final decision.

In the event of a positive outcome at the ExCom, you will be invited to participate as a guest at the next congress of liberal international (presently held every 18 months). As the highest decision-making body of the federation your party will be subject to a final vote. Only after this point will new member parties be entitled to classify themselves as observer members.

It is generally anticipated that after one congress rotation parties with observer member status will apply to become full members and, as such, enjoy voting rights.

If your party has any further questions about eligibility for membership, please first consult LI’s constitution.