Human Rights

The Liberal International Human Rights Committee is the sole executive body of the organisation in charge of promoting and advocating for human rights worldwide. Its mission is as follows:


The Committee operates based on a three year project at a time and it currently focuses extensively on the following four priority areas:

Women’s Rights with a specific focus on:


LGBTI Rights with a specific focus on:


Responsibility to Protect with a specific focus on:


Freedom of Belief with a specific focus on:


The work under the LGBTI Rights and Women’s Rights priority area of the Committee is supported by Working Groups.

Liberal International remains the only political international which has a Human Rights Committee and which actively contributes to the working mechanisms of the United Nations through its UN ECOSOC consultative status.

Here you can find the Rules of Procedure guiding the work and composition of LI Human Rights Committee as adopted and amended by the 199th LI Executive Committee meeting in Johannesburg.

You can find out more about the work of Liberal International’s Human Rights Committee here below.