Chile’s Liberals united in condemnation of Maduro’s Venezuela

LPC president, Luis Felipe Ramos, spoke of his party’s disapproval of the Maduro regime, stating the latter “has no commitment whatsoever to the rule of law and democratic institutions”.

Liberal congressman, Deputy Vlado Mirosevic, added his condemnation of the regime saying, “Government repression has been brutal in Venezuela, and must be stopped”.

Gerardo Espíndola, the recently-elected Liberal mayor in Arica, has also stated, “even ONU (United Nations) has alerted against torture towards the opposition in Venezuela, this abuse must be stopped”.

Ramos and Mirosevic agree on the importance of involving the local leadership in dialogue, rejecting violence on both sides and moving towards a specific and democratic solution to the conflict.

The Chilean Liberal’s critique Nicolás Maduro’s acts of repression come on the back of LI vice-president, Eduardo Montealegre’s damning of the Venezuelan president as “an apprentice dictator” earlier this month. Mr Montealegre called for a return to liberal democratic values in the South American country.

LI in continuous solidarity with Hong Kong democracy activists amid prison sentence
"Their place is in the parliament and with their constituency. If they should stand in front of something it should be the Nobel Committee to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, not in front of a Court!", blasted the LI secretary-general as the news emerged of today’s sentencing of two prominent pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
Liberal opposition leader released amid ALN President intervention
Zambian Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was released from prison today, and trumped-up charges of treason against him dropped, after Africa Liberal Network President Stevens Mokgalapa MP visited the country earlier this week to hear the court proceedings against the liberal leader.
Stevens Mokgalapa
Venezuela’s apprentice dictator has orchestrated a sham election
LI vice-president on the bureau, Eduardo Montealegre (Nicaragua), has damned Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, for divorcing Venezuela from democratic standards. Mr Maduro followed through on his controversial, unilateral decision to hold elections on 30th July for a constituent assembly, designed to rewrite the constitution and consolidate the authoritarian leader’s grip on power.