Venezuela’s apprentice dictator has orchestrated a sham election

Writing after the elections, as Opposition leaders were being arrested in Venezuela, Mr Montealegre called out Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s “illegitimate and unconstitutional election of new Members of a National Assembly.”

Eduardo Montealegre, who has confronted the political corruption of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua over many years, said: “Venezuelan 21st Century Socialism – as an authentic project for social change – has been reduced to an empty slogan.”

I reject this manoeuvre by Venezuela’s apprentice dictator Nicolas Maduro


In an offering of support to the Venezuelan Opposition, Mr Montealegre added: “As vice-president on the bureau of Liberal International, I reject this manoeuvre by Venezuela’s apprentice dictator Nicolas Maduro and demand an immediate return to true democratic and liberal values in Venezuela. “

The constituent assembly, which includes Maduro’s wife, is comprised of a bloated 545 members, the majority of whom are regime loyalists.

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