Venezuela’s apprentice dictator has orchestrated a sham election

Writing after the elections, as Opposition leaders were being arrested in Venezuela, Mr Montealegre called out Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s “illegitimate and unconstitutional election of new Members of a National Assembly.”

Eduardo Montealegre, who has confronted the political corruption of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua over many years, said: “Venezuelan 21st Century Socialism – as an authentic project for social change – has been reduced to an empty slogan.”

I reject this manoeuvre by Venezuela’s apprentice dictator Nicolas Maduro


In an offering of support to the Venezuelan Opposition, Mr Montealegre added: “As vice-president on the bureau of Liberal International, I reject this manoeuvre by Venezuela’s apprentice dictator Nicolas Maduro and demand an immediate return to true democratic and liberal values in Venezuela. “

The constituent assembly, which includes Maduro’s wife, is comprised of a bloated 545 members, the majority of whom are regime loyalists.

LI in continuous solidarity with Hong Kong democracy activists amid prison sentence
"Their place is in the parliament and with their constituency. If they should stand in front of something it should be the Nobel Committee to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, not in front of a Court!", blasted the LI secretary-general as the news emerged of today’s sentencing of two prominent pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
Liberal opposition leader released amid ALN President intervention
Zambian Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was released from prison today, and trumped-up charges of treason against him dropped, after Africa Liberal Network President Stevens Mokgalapa MP visited the country earlier this week to hear the court proceedings against the liberal leader.
Stevens Mokgalapa
Chile’s Liberals united in condemnation of Maduro’s Venezuela
Adding to the regional pressure facing Nicolás Maduro, the political leadership of Liberal Party of Chile (LPC - LI full member) has issued a series of press statements in recent days condemning the authoritarian actions of the embattled Venezuelan president,