Boost for women’s rights in MENA with establishment of INLW Morocco

Last month the fight for gender equality took a big step forward as the International Network of Liberal Women (INLW) established a new chapter of its global network in Morocco.

Founded on September 16 2017 in Rabat, Morocco, the new chapter aims to defend and protect women rights in Morocco and to strengthen the ranks of civil society. Continuing to realise its international strategy to expand the network with the creation of INLW chapters around the world, INLW Morocco is firmly committed to promoting women’s rights through the lens of liberalism.

Commenting on the newly established chapter, INLW president, Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk, said: “As INLW President I am extremely pleased that our long established wish to create INLW chapters around the world is accelerating, with the first-ever Moroccan INLW chapter.”

INLW vice-president  and INLW Morocco founder, Khadija el Morabit, added: “One of my duties as the vice-president of INLW in charge of the MENA Region is the expansion of the network and the creation of various INLW chapters in the region.”

Fouzia Elbayed, the first president of INLW Morocco, said: “Based on a firm belief in freedom, social justice and equal citizenship, the Moroccan Chapter of the INLW aims to defend and protect women rights in Morocco and to strengthen the ranks of civil society.”

Speaking of the new chapter’s strategic vision, Loubna Amhair, secretary-general of INLW Morocco, added: “The Moroccan network of Liberal Women aims to empower women and girls, to protect their rights, and to increase their full participation and influence in different leadership positions.”

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