UFDG tipped to scoop large share of vote in Guinean local elections

“Change is happening in Guinea, and the UFDG (Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea – LI full member) is the only hope for the people to bring about concrete and positive change”, LI vice-president and the leader of the Opposition, Cellou Dalein Diallo, has said having addressed thousands of supporters in recent days, ahead of the Guinean local elections on Sunday 4th February.

Mr Diallo expressed confidence in his party to scoop a large share of the vote in Sunday’s poll having registered candidates in 95% of the 342 constituencies that are up for grabs in the long-delayed elections. “The electorate understands that the lack of foreign and direct investment, the worrying insecurity and lack of hope and employment for our young people is a direct result of the mismanagement and the amateurism of this current regime”, said the liberal leader.

After several delays and postponements, the forthcoming local elections will legitimise the local policy making process to make local leaders accountable to their electorate. UFDG insist that these elections are an opportunity to implement meaningful change at the local level and build a strong, grassroots movement ready for the next parliamentary elections due at the end the year, and subsequently win the presidential elections in 2020.

Guineans will be voting for their mayors and councilors which will replace the so-called ‘Special Delegations’ mandated by the ruling party over 7 years ago.

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