President Tsai endorses Andorra Liberal Manifesto at launch event in Taiwan

... our mission having published this manifesto is to renew, reflect, and reclaim liberal values worldwide.

Taiwan has hosted the first launch event in Asia to celebrate the publication of the Andorra Liberal Manifesto (ALM) in the 6 official languages of the United Nations.

LI president, Dr Juli Minoves, was received by the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, at the presidential palace in Taipei. Welcoming the LI president as a good friend to Taiwan, president Tsai described the ALM, which has been published in the two Chinese scripts, as being a vision for “human progress in a free world.”

Prior to President Tsai’s endorsement, the LI delegation, which included LI’s head of communication and political outreach, William Townsend, convened a press conference at the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP – LI full member) headquarters. Alongside DPP secretary-general Hung Yao-fu and legislators Bi-khim Hsiao, Lo, Chih-cheng, and Yu, Mei-nu, the LI president told the assembled media: “The Andorra Liberal Manifesto is Liberal International’s blueprint for inclusive, progressive politics in the twenty-first century… our mission having published this manifesto is to renew, reflect, and reclaim liberal values worldwide.”

Following the launch, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) president Ford Fu-Te Liao upended discussions on the potential for collaboration between Liberal International and the TFD. The Foundation works hard to consolidate Taiwan’s democracy while notifying the country’s commitment to human right internationally.

photos provided by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy

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