President Trump has taken up arms against LGBTI Community

Chair of LI LGBTI Rights Working Group Frank van Dalen has slammed President Donald J. Trump‘s ban on transgender people serving in the US military as an open attack on the LGBTI community.

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump said he would fight for the LGBTI community. This week President Trump has taken up arms against us.


Calling on President Trump to uphold the fundamental values upon which the United States of America was built he said: “As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump said he would fight for the LGBTI community. This week President Trump has taken up arms against us.

Denying Americans the possibility to pursue the career and life they want because of how they express their identity flies in the face of the Founding Fathers’ ideals, which famously demand that Americans have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Donald Trump’s callous assault on transgender personnel in the United States’ military must leave many other vulnerable and minority groups in America asking who will be next.

As chairman of the Liberal International LGBTI working group, I urge President Trump to honour the obligations he made before his election and in so doing uphold the values of his great country – in particular, that all men (and women) are equal, regardless of their gender identity.”

Promoting LGBT+ rights in Russia: The liberal view
After Vladimir Putin came to power, the situation with human rights in Russia began to steadily deteriorate. Repressive laws were adopted, many independent media outlets were closed, political and human rights organisations found themselves subject to intense pressure, an administrative resource has been used in elections and voting results have often been falsified. Thousands of political prisoners are in prisons convicted for their participation in peaceful actions and commentaries in social networks. The authorities even resort to political murders of their opponents. Simultaneously, the ruling regime has been fueling hatred against the dissenting and LGBT+ with the help of television propaganda.
Liberal Party of Chile leads progress on LGBT+ rights
On 28 August, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet presented a bill to modify an article of the Civil Code to allow and recognize same-sex marriage in the country. Currently article 102 of the Civil Code indicates that marriage is a solemn contract by which a man and a woman are united indissolubly and for life, with the purpose of living together, to procreate and to help each other.
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