Newly elected LI bureau convenes for strategy meeting in Barcelona

Members of the newly-elected Liberal International Bureau representing 11 countries came together in Barcelona, Catalonia last weekend to begin the process of identifying LI’s political direction over the coming years.

Chaired by LI president, Dr Juli Minoves, the new Bureau worked over the weekend at a strategy planning meeting to identify areas of expertise and which projects will be worked on over the coming months. The strategy meeting also included a special briefing on the use of social media.

On Sunday, the Bureau discussed LI’s activities for the coming year, including the 199th Executive Committee meeting, hosted by the Democratic Alliance (DA – LI full member) in Johannesburg, South Africa on 27-19 October. This will be the first time that LI has held a statutory meeting in Sub-Saharan Africa for 5 years and with the DA’s staggering electoral success in recent years. Liberals world-wide will have much to gain from networking with their South African colleagues. The bureau also launched discussions about the awarding of the 2017 Prize for Freedom to laureate, lham Tohti, the Uyghur economist serving a life sentence in China on separatism-related charges.

Here’s how we celebrated our 70th anniversary year
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The future of the global justice: LI’s human rights committee convenes in The Hague
Gathering for its 10th bi-annual meeting, members on the newly elected Liberal International Human Rights Committee (LI HRC), discussed strategies on advancing international justice and the rule of law in the very seat of the international legal system: the Hague, Netherlands.
Liberalism receives boost in Chile as PLC’s Mirosevic re-elected with country’s largest mandate
With all votes counted, the leader of the Liberal Party of Chile (PLC - LI full member), Vlado Mirosevic, was re-elected to represent the northern region of Arica Parinacota in the Chilean congress last month – winning over 34% of the votes – becoming the most voted-for candidate in the Chilean Parliamentary elections of 2017.
Liberal Party of Chile