LI HRC and Radikale Venstre launch a campaign to mark 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Liberal International Human Rights Committee and Radikale Venstre (LI full-member), have initiated a 6-months campaign which was officially launched at LI 200th Executive Committee meeting in Berlin, Germany.

Drawing attention to the world’s gravest human rights violations and highlighting the importance of UDHR, the campaign kicked off with a short 2 minute video. Over the course of the next months, LI will be publishing  a series of op-ed articles and info-graphics reflecting on key UDHR articles and the contributions liberals have made to promote and advance human rights across the globe.

The campaign will culminate with a major Human Rights Conference at the Danish Parliament on 7 December which will be co-hosted by Morten Østergaard, former Minister for Economic Affairs of Denmark and leader of Radikale Venstre. Alongside Members of Parliament (MPs) from Radikale Venstre, Members of Parliament from LI member parties from all continents, LI HRC Members, civil society representatives and members of the public, the meeting will see a lively debate on the future of the international human rights system.

Has the UDHR been successful in promoting and advancing human rights around the world? What are the current challenges and how can political party representatives work alongside human rights activists and non-governmental organisations in order to address them? These are just some of the questions that participants will address while reflecting on the achievements and failures to date.

The campaign can be followed online on LI social media using the hashtags #UDHR and #LIHRC.

Approved: Chile’s Liberals’ campaign to legalise euthanasia wins backing of parliamentary committee
Having secured the support for a resolution on assisted dying at LI’s 200th executive committee meeting in Berlin last June, Tuesday 7th August marked a historic moment for Chile and a milestone for Chilean Liberals, as the Parliamentary Committee on Healthcare approved legislation of a bill on Euthanasia, presented by Liberal International Partido Liberal de Chile (LI full member). Leader of the PLC, Vlado Mirosevic MP, described the result as a “huge step forward for freedom in Chile.”
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