China must stop blocking Taiwan from contributing to a cleaner, greener world says ALDE Party President Van Baalen

LI President of Honour and ALDE Party (LI cooperating organisation) President, Hans van Baalen MEP has welcomed senior Taiwanese Cabinet Ministers – including a minister from the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP – LI full member) – to the European Parliament in Brussels this week to strengthen international partnerships by building closer EU-Taiwan relations over the environment and green economy.

The Cabinet Ministers – Mr. Lee, Ying-Yuan Minister of Environmental Protection and Mr. Deng, Chen-Chung Minister without Portfolio in charge trade negotiations in the government of President Tsai, Ing-wen – received strong support from Hans van Baalen during their visit to the EU Institutions in Brussels.

Taiwan is one of the most advanced countries in the circular economy and waste management but the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is doing everything possible to prevent Taiwan from contributing to a cleaner and safer world

said the ALDE Party President.

With Taiwanese passports no longer accepted as permissible identification for entering United Nations buildings the meaningful participation of Taiwan, which was agreed in the World Health Organisation / World Health Assembly, is being blocked.

The Chinese response to the strengthened Taiwanese democracy is isolation”, added Mr Van Baalen, “the international community should make clear to China that Taiwanese goodwill should be answered by Chinese goodwill and not by (in-) formal sanctions.
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